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CrossFit 02.01.10


2 rounds of: 5 Pull-up; 10 Push-up; 5 GHD; 5 PST/OHS

WOD 15 min AMRAP

15 Push Jerk (65#)

15 Wall Ball Shots (20# first three rounds, 16# rounds 4-6)

15 Sit-ups

Total: 6 rounds +6 Push Jerk

-Near round 4, broke Push Jerk and Wall Ball Shots into 5 rep groupings

-Felt good this morning from the beginning. Zoe was up around 5, so I just stayed up, had small breakfast.  Rode bike to the Box, about 25 min…good warm up, felt pretty loose upon arrival.

CrossFit: Day 1

Started back at CrossFit after about 3 years of mostly just running.  Gonna use my blog from last semester’s class to track my progress, as recommended by the good folks at Potomac Crossfit.

Weight: 202 lbs.

Cindy “Mini” (10 min): 7 rounds

-used band on for pull-ups rounds 4-7; intermittent knee push-ups rounds 5-7

Good to get started again, but clearly sucked.  Knowing it would be difficult to get back on the ball, I still had some optimism that I would be able to jump back at the same rate as 2006…not so much.  I had never done a kipping pull-up before and was happy about knocking out some of those.

I like to think that we eat well; no frozen foods, excessive ice-cream, candy, etc.  I take pride in knowing I haven’t had fast food since college in ’95.  It helps when you just don’t like it.  Even with good food intake though, quantities always play a major factor…AND I like my vino.  However, I will start the Zone/Paleo diet as prescribed by PCF.  More so than the workouts, I think this will be more challenging for me.

This blog will get better as I see other Crossfitter’s blogs and figure out how to illustrate my workouts and food intake.

Bottomline:  I am motivated to be back at it and have made a genuine commitment to being consistent and sticking with it.

Brang it on!!!!

“Life is not a dress rehearsal!”