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CrossFit 02.18.10

Foundations 5/6.  Felt very sore in my shoulders, butt/upper hamstrings after yesterday’s WOD.  All good though, today something different…not.  Today’s WOD hit the same areas as yesterday.

Warm-up: Jump rope then 2 rounds: 5 pull-ups, 10 ring dips, 10 sit ups, 10 box jumps.

Got frustrated with DUs.  Knocked out about 25 in a row, but then could only hit about 2-3 consecutively after that.  Ring dips suck, had to use blue band throughout.  All others felt very good.

WOD: 3 rounds: 15 medicine ball cleans, 15 kettle bell swings (1.5 pood, 53#) — 5:45.

I felt pretty good with the cleans.  KBSs got sloppy in the second round; did not hold lumbar curve, but self-corrected and made up in third round.

Lent: 1/1 Days No Alcohol, No Sugar

CrossFit 02.15.10

Good to be back in the Box after a week “off” in Florida.  While in FLA, did some short runs, open water swims and threw around nieces (approx. 1.5-2 pood), but nothing that had me hunching over wanting to barf.

Today, one of the last foundation classes, focused on back squat and deadlift.

Warm-up, 3 rounds:

5 pull-ups (normal, wide, close)

25 push-ups (normal, wide, close)

10 squats (air, front, ohs)

10 sit-ups



Deadlift – max 195#

Back Squat – max 195#

Felt pretty good with both weights, but focus is to work on technique: heels back, lumbar curve.

CrossFit 02.01.10


2 rounds of: 5 Pull-up; 10 Push-up; 5 GHD; 5 PST/OHS

WOD 15 min AMRAP

15 Push Jerk (65#)

15 Wall Ball Shots (20# first three rounds, 16# rounds 4-6)

15 Sit-ups

Total: 6 rounds +6 Push Jerk

-Near round 4, broke Push Jerk and Wall Ball Shots into 5 rep groupings

-Felt good this morning from the beginning. Zoe was up around 5, so I just stayed up, had small breakfast.  Rode bike to the Box, about 25 min…good warm up, felt pretty loose upon arrival.

CrossFit 01.31.10

Weight: 202


2 rounds, 10 ea. Ring Rows, Ring Dips, Hip Extensions, Air Squats

-used blue band on ring dips



Overhead Squat (22lbs.)

Push Press (45lbs.)


Got to really work hard on the OHS.  It will come, but feels such an awkward movement right now.