CrossFit 02.17.10

My first class outside of Foundations…welcome to REAL CrossFit, girly man!

Attended 0630 class…pretty full, about 25 CF’s, good showing.

Conducted warm-up: butt-kicks, high-knees, jog backwards, karaokes, bunny jumps.

Skill work: forget what it was called, but attempt to lay parallel to the ground while grabbing rings, stomach to the ceiling.


5-5-5 Bench press: started 135-165-165

Needed some help with 165.  Max: 135 for 5.  I have never been big in the gym, but this will definitely improve.  I need to AT LEAST getting to body weight.

For time, 5 rounds of:

30 double unders, 20 kettlebell swing 1.5 pood, 10 lunge jumps (5 ea. leg)

as Rx’d: 12:13 (last in the class)

Felt good about the DUs…most time consuming of three events, but got all 30 on each round.

Broke the KB swings up to sets of 10 and 5 starting the 3rd round

Lunges pretty easy throughout.

I look forward to doing this one again to see the improvement.  Give me a month and I am confident I can cut the time almost in half.


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