Getting a leg up!

My Last Days in Italia

Alright, I am getting a jump on all of you other slackers out there who are living up to our country’s obesity statistics.  I dialed back the typical New Year’s resolution clock and started my commitment yesterday, Dec. 1.

I have let the L.B.s stack up since July.  I have had pretty good reason though: we had our daughter July 1 and knowing that we were leaving Italy, I made a promise to eat as well and as much as I possibly could before departing…mission accomplished:  204+ lbs. is the result.  I am proud of myself!

So, to motivate me and keep me honest I signed up (and threw down the cash) for three races this coming year: The Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler, The Blue Ridge Marathon, and The Nation’s Triathlon.

And without haste, I got cranking…today.  I dusted off my iPod Shuffle and with some good advice from John, I loaded it with podcasts vs. the traditional music playlist I have had on it for the past two years.  As a budding Georgetown graduate student, I want to get more smarter, so I tuned into NPR‘s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! (Dude “Not my job” Edition) and All Things Considered.  Friday’s run I will change it up and go with John’s recommendation, The Bugle.

If you’ve got other recommendations for good podcasts or running playlists, let me know.  Or, if you prefer dialogue, let me know and we’ll ditch the iPods and hit the pavement/trails.


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  1. parismtnstriding on

    I highly recommend This American Life. Great way to zone out on a treadmill.

  2. als254 on

    Great post!

  3. […] reading Ryan’s Post for Getting a Leg up I started thinking what’s going to be my new years resolution this year. I usually go with the […]

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