Wikipedia – I am sofa king we tall did!

There is good reason why only 1% of Wikipedia users have created or added any content to the site:

It’s fu@&n’ hard!

When Garrett told us to dabble and get familiar with Wikipedia, I didn’t listen very well (admittedly).  I thought I was dabbling, but when it came down to execution (in the last ‘hour’…admittedly), I was nowhere close to being a Wikipedia expert.

If Garrett had told us about this new thing called football and told us to dabble in it, my extent of dabbling would have been to click through a few channels on Sunday.   “OK!  Throwing, running, tackling–got it.  Easy!  Pass me another beer, please.”  Yeah, well, watching from the sidelines and playing are not the same.

Yes, I did the research on my topic;  I knew the structure and what I wanted to write about; I knew I was providing something that was not controversial; and my topic had a reason to be in there.

So why can’t my topic not be found right now? I can appreciate the simplicity of a blog.  Type in what I want, hit save, publish and BAM it’s there for the world to see.  Not so with Wikipedia.  And you know what?  – – – that is a Good Thing!

After having gone through this last assignment, I appreciate Wikipedia a little bit more…actually, a lot more.

As I have posted before, the ability to throw something up on Wikipedia that is false is too easy and there should be a mechanism to keep it from happening.  Now I know it’s not THAT easy.

Even though I will not do well on the assignment, it will not deter me from future ‘dabblings’ on Wikipedia.

I wanna be a 1%-kind-of-guy!


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